Supplier spotlight: The Cotswold Florists

Successful events are like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. At Katah Events we are lucky to regularly work with lots of brilliant people working their magic in the events world. In this series of posts, we take a closer look at our preferred suppliers.

It’s no secret that flowers are kind of a big deal at weddings and parties. Hannah and Hilary of the Cotswold Florists take a truly modern approach to floristry, with a relaxed and wild style combined with a carbon-conscious approach to running their business.

From their studio in the heart of the Cotswolds, Hannah and Hilary dream up whimsical designs for their clients based on seasonal flowers. Hannah says, “We create natural looking arrangements that aren’t too structured or formal.”

While working with the Cotswolds Florists, we’ve seen how adaptable and resourceful they are. Hannah points out that the venue itself should be considered closely, and can be a great source of inspiration: “The key to outdoor arrangements is to ensure that the flowers fit into that natural environment and enhance it.”

For Hannah and Hilary, seasonality is more than just a buzzword. By aiming to buy their flowers locally, from small flower farms around Oxford, and seasonally, they stay fresh for longer. This evolved approach can also be seen in their untraditional designs: relaxed and unfussy.

Like all good event businesses, the client is at the core of what the Cotswold Florists do, whether it’s flower arrangements or a large-scale floral installation. “We always provide free initial consultations to talk to the client and ensure that we fully understand their vision and in return offer our ideas to enable us to create a truly bespoke package,” says Hannah. “All the events we work on are different and we strive to create something unique and sensational every time.”

Sonya Ratty