Tipi linings are the perfect finishing touch

From the early days of the Katah Events journey, we knew we wanted to be defined by the small touches as well as the ‘wow’ factor. It’s because of this insistence on attention to detail that we are the only UK event company to offer linings for our tents. Believe us: they make all the difference.

You might have fallen head over heels for the look of the tipis (and who could blame you?), while also wanting something refined. Linings transform the tents from rustic chic to something much more elegant, complementing the beautiful wooden frames and dramatic internal shapes. Made by our in-house textiles team in the highest quality heavyweight cotton, each panel is hand-laced with a crisscross attachment to the poles.

This finishing touch elevates the look of the tents to something that is suitable for the most prestigious of events. The linings have a transformative effect. Our classic, crisp white cotton brightens and refines the space. If you want your event to be truly one of a kind, we can create custom linings to reflect your vision. Whether it’s a wedding colour scheme, the event name or company branding, bespoke linings make the tipis your own.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for tipis is that they are modular, and can be configured in the right number and arrangement for your event. Your party, your way. The linings work with this too, and they have been constructed to work with whichever configuration you choose.

When we speak to our clients about what they want to achieve with their event, they usually tell us that they want it to be unique and memorable. Our linings are an evolution in tipi events to make them just that.

katah bird linings.jpg
Sonya Ratty