Hotel Bell Tent hospitality



Working with long-term partners Hotel Bell Tent, Katah Events provide a large multipurpose hospitality area in luxury glamping sites at various events including the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Woodlands, and CarFests North and South.


  • Create a beautiful focal point for the campsite

  • Work with the client to create a layout that is spacious enough to be used for the 1000-plus campsite guests

  • Accommodate a full catering area, dining area, lounge seating and a bar

  • Work at multiple locations in the same site

  • Work as one of a large number of contractors on site


Tailored approach

  • Close cooperation with the client to reassess their needs event to event

  • Flexible layouts and technical drawings enable us to find the best solution to meet Hotel Bell Tent’s needs

  • Katah Events’ unique tent linings and décor installed to match the prestige of the events

  • A flexible approach to scheduling and project management to fit seamlessly into the client’s schedule


  • From four to seven tipis depending on requirements, fully furnished for dining, lounge and bar areas

  • Décor including giant glass chandeliers, sculptures and plants

  • Catering tents with flooring

  • Full bar management and staffing

  • Katah Events have been working with Hotel Bell Tent at their premium events for over five years